Time to increase your pool pump's hours!

Wednesday 16 Oct 2019

Like refrigerators, hot water services and air conditioners, pool pumps are amongst the biggest consumers of electricity in your home. This makes it tempting to cut back on the number of hours your pump runs each day.

However, while it’s quite acceptable, in fact recommended, to reduce your pump’s running hours during the cooler months, the opposite is true in the warmer months.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s easier for algae to grow in your pool. Plus, your pool needs more chlorine and the pump needs to run for more hours each day to stay safe as well as clear.

So, speak to your local pool shop about the recommended number of hours your pump should be running each day in your climate.

If your pool is salt water chlorinated, running the pump at night – when electricity can be cheaper – might even be more efficient for you. The chlorine your system produces is not immediately diminished by sunlight, and you may therefore be able to reduce your pump’s total running hours compared to if you only ran the pump during daylight hours.

Just ask for advice if you need it.