53 Bruny Island Main Road, Dennes Point

Laureen Wood

Seller: Laureen Wood has transformed my opinion of real estate agents! She is efficient, thoughtful and sensitive to people's feelings. As well she is charming, attentive to detail and tireless in her devotion to making the selling process work for everyone. Anybody who asks me for a recommendation of a real estate agent will be persuaded to use Laureen because of my assessment of her outstanding abilities. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my thoughts.


Buyer: Bruny Island's Pre-eminent Agent
Laureen has been an invaluable asset in our search for our Bruny Island property.  From our very first phone call, to negotiating contract terms, to final settlement arrangements, Laureen has proactively assisted in every facet of our search and resultant purchase.

Laureen’s willingness to share her comprehensive local knowledge and networks has provided us with a great deal of confidence to navigate the property market in this unique and beautiful location. 

Undisputedly Bruny Island’s pre-eminent realtor, We have no reservations in recommending Laureen to buyers and sellers alike.