3614 Bruny Island Main Road, Alonnah

Laureen Wood

Seller: Kind and caring agent
I found Laureen was very knowledgeable and professional. This with her kind and caring manner made for a valuable combination. Laureen succeeded where others failed and my property sold.


Laureen was super helpful and easy to talk to. During the negotiations she worked hard to get the best price for the vendor which even though we were the buyers was good. Laureen is very knowledgeable with respect to the paperwork once we signed and that was helpful especially for to me as I hate paperwork. Laureen communicated well during the period of waiting for the finance to come through which was a bit challenging for us and everyone really as it took so long. We are looking forward to our new purchase being settled in January and are grateful that Laureen has made the process as easy as possible. I would highly recommend Laureen as an agent on Bruny whether you are buying or selling. We intend to subdivide some of our land on Bruny and when we do we will be asking Laureen to market and sell it for us.